Easy Tips to Wash Your Boxing Bag

Boxing bag are like a treasure to a true boxer and boxing lover. It must be maintained properly so that every session is like a new session with the same energy. Moreover, the quality has to be intact so that your opponent doesn’t cause you any superficial injuries during the game. If you have been playing boxing with the same boxing bag for a long time, these may have attracted bacteria, germs, sweat, and bad odor.

Let us help you with some basics on how you can clean your boxing bag all by yourself. If you follow these tips regularly, you would maintain the quality and durability of your bag for a long time. Take a read and check how you can follow the tips.

Easy Tips to wash boxing bag:

  1. Get an anti-bacterial spray:

Keep an anti-bacterial spray handy with you always. This is the cheapest tip to maintain the boxing punch bag in the healthiest manner. The spray is a boon for those with sweaty hands. It helps to clean the settled bacteria and germs.

  1. Let your bag breathe:

Let your bag breathe out of your gym bag. Remove these as much as you can. You need to keep your hands away from bad odours and bacteria. The gym bags give little breather to the bag stuck inside the bag. You need to take these out often and wipe them out.punching bag

  1. Newspaper therapy:

One of the best ways to clean and keep the boxing bag healthy is to stuff these with newspaper. Newspaper absorbs all the bacteria and moisture inside the bag. As a result, the bag’ shape and quality always look fresh. All you need to do is crinkle the newspaper into a ball and stuff the glove with it.

  1. Blow dryer:

Using a blow dryer may also help you in quick drying of bag. A five minute drying of the glove can save it from all the other dirty and bad smell that would otherwise be released from your glove. The sweat that sticks to your glove from hand can actually make it smell real bad next time. Simply insert the nozzle of the drier and open the glove. Give 5 minutes interval till the moisture completely gets absorbed before you repeat the step with the other glove.

  1. Baking soda:

Baking sodas work like a magic trick to balance your body. All you need to do is sprinkle some pinches of baking soda in each glove and let it dry for some hours. After few hours, you can simply insert the nozzle of a small vacuum cleaner to remove the entre baking soda out from each glove. Check the videos online how they do it and you will find it so easy to follow.

All the above steps are DIY and boxing lovers have tried and tested it. There are some more ingredients that you need to keep handy with you at home for fresh and strong boxing bag. These are orange peels, peppermint, lemongrass, and some more.

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