Top 5 Boxing Gloves Brands and Tips to Buy These

Boxing could be a super exciting sport for beginners. However, learning the right techniques and finding the right boxing tools could be daunting to many. There are several brands on the market that will further confuse you what to buy and what to choose. Selecting the right pair of boxing gloves is one of the most essential tasks, especially when you have started.

Before we recommend the major brands that deal with best punching bag and boxing gloves, let us help you with the basics of how to buy these and what features to look at before you reach the payment counter to buy those.

How to Buy Boxing Gloves:

  1. Right Size:

Size is one of the most essential features that you need to look at especially for beginners. Generally, the size of all boxing gloves is mentioned in ounces (oz). 10 oz is the most preferred one and perhaps, the most common too.

A heavier padded glove means extra protection to your hand; however it will slow down your ability to punch due to more weight. As a beginner, you must opt for bigger gloves.boxing brands

  1. Online stores:

Buying for the first time could be challenging as in the midst of so many options, you don’t understand what is right for you. It would be wise to do a bit of homework online and browse through all the good brands in boxing gloves.

  1. All-purpose boxing gloves:

You can get these to begin with as there are oodles of these available in the market. The all-purpose boxing gloves are also used during trainers for beginners. These come handy in Thai-boxing too.

With those three leading features to look at, we can now tell you about some of the most preferred brands in boxing gloves. We have five of these to mention.

Top 5 Boxing Gloves Brands and Tips to Buy These:

  1. Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves:

Bytomic is one company that is known to manufacture the best boxing gloves. This product is great for beginners due to light weight and low rates.

  1. Ringside Club Glove:

The Ringside Club Glove offers an amazing protection on the hands as these come with added padding around the wrist. Another quality to look at is the leather exterior that comes with a Velcro strap which is durable for all sorts of boxing practices.

  1. Rival “RS2V” Sparring Boxing Gloves:

Rival are the best fit due to its 15angled wrist strap. The make is of all leather construction, thus it is very durable and lasts for a long time. The feedback online is 4.2 by users.

  1. Boon Sport leather:

The extra wide hook and the sport leather are worth the purchase decision. The padded cuffs make it more convenient to play and guard your wrist from kicks and punches.

  1. Fairtex BGV1 Sparring Gloves:

The thickness of the padding provides extra durability and gives added protection to your knuckles and backhand. You have minimal risks of soreness on the wrist post training sessions.

Don’t forget to check online these brands and ratings by the previous users.